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IYP Darkroom Workshop

By Saffiyah Khan, Ikon Youth Programme member In light of Janet Mendelsohn’s recent Varna Road exhibition, 12 members of the IYP (Ikon Youth Programme) took part in a darkroom workshop with film photographer, Effy Harle. The aim of the workshop was to experiment with 35mm film techniques used by Mendelsohn during the late 1960s. However,… Read more »

Balsall Heath Instameet

By Annabell Lamba from IGersBirmingham A very special Instameet took place on 5 March 2016 in collaboration with Ikon, where 50 members of the IGersBirmingham community descended on Balsall Heath, to take pictures inspired by the photographs taken in the area by Janet Mendelsohn during the 1960s. Mendelsohn’s photographs document the everyday stories of life… Read more »

Exhibition review

By Carmen, Ikon Youth Programme member Set across three different rooms, the work of Dinh Q. Lê, Janet Mendelsohn and Kelly Mark is as diverse as it is connected. All three exhibitions focus on the contrasting relationship between the individual and the space they inhabit; whether this be natural, urban or psychological. Changing from a… Read more »


This was the first solo exhibition of work in the UK by Japanese artist Noguchi Rika. Consisting of three photographic series, it exemplified the artist’s distinct vision of our world as an alien place. Significantly Noguchi does not manipulate her images, either through direction of her subjects or through darkroom processes, insisting that what she… Read more »

Lost Time

The first UK exhibition of work by Palestinian artist Ahlam Shibli. The exhibition included three series of photographs in various formats, depicting ordinary Palestinian lives in extraordinary circumstances under Israeli occupation. Shibli’s work aspires to a straightforward communication of daily life, paradoxically rarely seen. Unrecognised focuses on ‘Arab al Na’im, a village in the Galilee… Read more »

Felix, June 5th 1994

Together with Felix Partz and Jorge Zontal, as part of the acclaimed group General Idea, Canadian artist AA Bronson has exhibited throughout the world for more than thirty years. This was his first solo exhibition in the UK and  consist ed of only one work, his portrait Felix, June 5th, 1994. Bronson’s vast photograph, taken… Read more »

Stacked Hotel Room

Part of an ongoing series, Stacked Hotel Room No. 10, 2002 involved the reorganisation of a hotel room interior done in private, only visible subsequently through photographs and video documentation. The coalescence of fixtures and fittings into a sculptural assemblage, to return to the order enjoyed by these objects before the artists’ occupancy, raises vital… Read more »

Hayley Newman

The first major solo exhibition for internationally acclaimed British artist Hayley Newman. She is well known both for her live performances and the photographic project Connotations – Performance Images 1994-98 (made in collaboration with photographer Casey Orr), in which she invented documentation for twenty entirely fictional performance works. This series, included in the exhibition, addresses… Read more »

Polaroid Portraits

Started in 1968, finished in the new year of 2001, there were 128 polaroid portraits of Richard Hamilton taken by other artists in this series, shown together for the first time in this exhibition. The essential modesty of the project, its spontaneity and friendliness, resulted in snapshots that have captured not only the changing appearance… Read more »

Tokyo Still Life

Nobuyoshi Araki is one of Japan’s most influential and prolific photographers. This exhibition presented a new selection from the vast range of work he has been making since the 1960s. In addition to his controversial erotic photographs, it also included still lifes, urban landscapes and other portraits, in order to exemplify universal themes of sensuality… Read more »

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